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Our astonishing touristic programs can reveal the time and effort we dedicated to make sure you’re having the best offer in the market, starting with your arrival at the airport, your accommodation, transportations, tours, activities, restaurants… to your departure

you will experience Jordan Flair Travel faithful representation of having satisfied clients.Pink will never enchant you as it does in Petra, the legacy of the Nabataea’s. If you’re a peripatetic, bring your sneakers. A great tour is about to start

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Where there is a success, there is a vision. We dedicated time to construct our thoughtful vision in which we strive to be the best national travel agency, we innovate to elevate the concept of tourism in Jordan. We seek the respected reputation by which we guarantee that you were provided with the best service.

provide the best day & night

Here at Jordan Flair Travel, we believe in providing excellent and upscale services, having an unforgettable travel experience


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